Aston Martin db9 07-14 dbs virage vantage 09-14 console manual no navi


Aston Martin console manual no navi:

  • DB9 07-14
  • DBS
  • Virage
  • Vantage 09-14

Fitment on car: we require to aluminium parts to be sent to us, so we will do the service of bounding carbon trims on aluminium bases with brackets.

Price do not include installation works. It costs 200 gbp extra.

There are 2 options of ski slope:
  • older type for start stop button
  • newer type for ignition switch.
Exactly the one we offer is for newer type for ignition switch in the middle. We offer other type also.
All the ski slopes in aston martin are aluminium or plastic (material depend if the type is newer or older) base which have all brackets, and moutings to fix buttons, air vents etc. THEN on top of it there is laminated/bounded metal or wooden trim.
We are selling carbon trim only- without the base.
So to get it installed Wood or metal trim needs to be removed, and carbon trim bounded on customer’s base.
We offer this service.

We offer many finishing materials like:

  • Regular gloss carbon
  • Regular satin matt carbon
  • Red satin matt carbon

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