Aston Martin Vantage DB9 DBS Virage Carbon bucket seats


Aston Martin Dry carbon bucket seats

  • Vantage
  • DB9
  • DBS
  • Virage

Fitment on a car: direct replacement part, straight swap.

Seats comes with brackets, ready to fit to existing electronical rails. The customer needs to remove his comfort seats from the rails and then fit buckets to his current rails. So the option of moving seats electronically will still be working, forward – backward, up-down. The option of tilting backrest will be lost because these are monocoque buckets.

Duing removal comfort seats there needs to be put resistor into airbag socket because bucket seats do not have airbags. For USA cars passenger occupancy sensors also needs to be cheated by resistors to avoid airbag warning light.

Part is made on order. Current waiting time depends on actual orders, which we inform during placing an order.

We are offering various options of this product. Different carbon textures, different colour and different finish, priced individually. If any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to advise.

Basic price : 3740 GBP

  • plus 300 GBP for extra colour
  • plus 200 GBP for complicated stitching pattern
  • plus 200 GBP satin matt finish
  • plus 200 GBP forged carbon

To place an order please contact us directly at:

WhatsApp : +48 535797772 , +48 510654169